Training as Skill Development

Skill development: need of the hour, will be the defining element in India’s growth story.

As a very large population, India would never be able to upskill all of its youth across the country through the conventional education framework. If India is to gain its rightful place in the world, reap equal benefits and opportunities for all and rise from the debris of poverty and several other pressing issues, skills development will require to be given a place right on top of national priorities.

Having said the above, we at All India Asian Educational Foundation aim at amalgamating the expertise of the industry reaching out to the less privileged and honing their skills to make them self sufficient and reliant. The current capacity of the skill development programs is 3.1 million. India has set a target of skilling 500 million people by 2022.Hence to bridge the gap and take youth to the next level, we need to Train them.

We as an organization look at ‘Training’ as its backbone. This is to say of the no. of projects in hand vis-a-vis the number of students to be trained. Training is a part and parcel of every project and its very reason for existence!

When we talk numbers – in the sense of training no of students, we also give a calculative sure shot methodological approach of Training along with Trainer quality.

Hence the AIM of having such a procedure in place is to ensure a standardized approach of  the Training cycle, right from the hiring of  trainers to the delivery of content to a timely audit of the training.