Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR]

All India Asian Educational Foundation (AIAEF) aspires to be a leader for improving the socio economic condition of deprived section of community and making them self reliant by effective implementation various CSR/developmental projects with support of government and corporates. We have clear mission of development of community with involvement of all stakeholders. AIAEF believes that a better development can take place when it is sustainable. We are committed for sustainable community development in our all operations.

AIAEF is already involved in changing the lives of people through imparting skill development training in with partnership of various. It has trained thousands of youths and provided a platform where talented youths can deliver towards the development of country. It is bringing happiness in their families and empowering India.
Our foundation is aligned with National Development Objectives and International Developmental Goals of MDG (Millennium Development Goals)


AIAEF has well versed team of professionals to formulate and implement CSR projects under schedule VII as per the section 135 under companies act 2013. It has deep understanding of composition of CSR laws and helps corporate and NGOs in its understanding for effective implementation and delivery of long term sustainable results. Some of the thrust areas are as follows:

  • Livelihood (vocational/farm based/non-farm based)
  • Promotion of quality education
  • Health, Sanitation & better drinking water facility
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Gender Equality & Women Empowerment


  • To empower youths through income generation by imparting training on various skill development training.
  • To enhance the quality of education and reduction of dropout rate in schools especially for girls by creating a better school based infrastructure in rural schools.
  • To ensure adoption of best sanitation practices in rural and urban households of India through better sanitation facility.
  • To improve economic condition of community through Sustainable livelihood initiatives through Self Help Groups through training and empowering women through their capacity building.
  • To promote and implement sustainable environmental projects.

CSR Process

All Corporates must formulate projects as defined in Schedule VII of section 135 under companies act 2013.

csr process

Foundation’s CSR Services

  • Baseline Study, Need Assessment, Impact assessment, Strategy making for corporate/Governments and NGOs.
  • Formulation of projects and implementation for corporate/Governments.
  • Organizing CSR workshops and Seminar and providing CSR Awards.
  • Capacity building of institution involved in implementation of Developmental Projects.
  • Implementation of developmental projects in partnership with various Government Agencies and Corporates.
  • Third Party assessment and participatory rural appraisal based studies.
  • Our Foundation has been doing significant work in the CSR space, helping clients articulate social investment philosophy, vision and effectively translating that into sustainable CSR strategy and plan. We work with a multi-disciplinary team involving personnel from the Development Sector, Sustainability and Consulting practices to proactively engage in finding efficient methodologies and approaches on CSR at National Level. The foundation is committed to implement and execute best CSR projects for ensuring win-win situation for both community and corporate.