Skills Development is one of the topmost priorities of the Government in India and rightly so, considering the fact that India has highest youth population of which is unskilled and unemployed. The government is therefore committed to skill 500 million people by 2022 for the availability of skilled workforce for the industry and services sectors to accelerate economic growth and improve quality of products and services.

The Hon’ble Prime Minister’s “Make in India” mission will become fully successful only when quality skilled workforce is made available to the industry. Additionally, there is high demand of skilled manpower in various developed and developing countries abroad in diverse sectors particularly for the roles of Nurses, Teachers, Medical attendants etc.

All India Asian Educational Foundation (AIAEF), a ‘not for profit’ organization also joined hands with the Indian government to fulfill the dream of economic stable and skilled India by providing education and skills to the rural youth across the country. Our mission is fully in congruence with the Government’s priorities for an “Educated and Skilled” India. With state of the art infrastructure and highly qualified and experienced faculty, AIAEF commits itself for the successful implementation of the prestigious skills development projects and conducting skill trainings of international standards to lead the vision of developed India.