About us

All India Asian Educational Foundation [AIAEF] – a not-for-profit organization – has recognized the need to re-define the relationship of education, employment and skills development as a serious party to the government skills initiative. Since Government alone cannot accomplish this task, AIAEF has identified the need of the hour to work accordingly. India, as a very large population, would only be able to up skill the majority of its youth not via conventional education framework but by utilizing latest educational techniques and methodologies.

The government, along with certain Self Help Groups [SHGs] and certain institutions like Confederation of Indian Industries [CII] National Skills Development Corporation [NSDC], National Council for Vocational Training [NCVT] and Industrial Training Institutes [ITIs] has taken a colossal step forward to formalize skills education – considered informal education – in sync with Public Private Partnerships [PPP].

It calls for a concerted effort of PPP initiative to facilitate skilling of the Indian workforce through skill training programs. The need of the hour is that the government needs to enable benefits and provide opportunities to the people in order to completely uproot poverty. Skills development via PPP therefore, becomes a natural initiative to place India right on top of national priorities. In this noble mission, AIAEF serves a beacon diligently lighting the path of many a youth towards providing employable skills.